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Factors That Influence Your Workers Compensation Insurance Premiums

11 May 2022
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Businesses of all sizes need workers compensation insurance to protect their employees if they are injured on the job. This type of insurance is required by law in most states, and it can be very expensive for businesses that don't have it. Many factors determine the cost of workers comp premiums, and it can be difficult to understand all of them. This post discusses two important factors that influence workers compensation insurance premiums. Read More …

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Insurance

17 May 2019
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Workers' compensation insurance is the one that pays for the injuries of employees they have been incurred while working. It is basically a benefit that the company provides them. This coverage is mandatory in most of the states, which is why employers are obligated to buy this for their workers. The program entitles the employees to receive medical attention so they can have peace of mind in performing their daily tasks. Read More …